• iPhone 6/6s waterproof case

    DefendX waterproof cases provide great protection against scratches, impacts and liquid damages.

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The team at Indepth Cases have a long history in underwater photography & video, creating images that have been shown all over the world.

The pursuit of the perfect image takes time, patience and imagination all skills that we have utilized to create our innovative range of iPhone accessories.

We invite you to share our passion for fun, hard work and adventure by using an InDepth Case and doing more with your iPhone

I think this case is amazing! Believe it or not I dropped it under my dad's truck while he was doing an oil change just yesterday. COVERED IT IN BLACK OIL! And... Phones fine!! I must say though, I love using my fingerprint ID for most things and can't do it with this, but I'm still using it! So must be THAT GOOD :)